Hello beautiful human beings!  Like so many people out there, I entered the real world and I was lost. Life got in the way of all the things I wanted to do and who I saw myself becoming.

So many times, people would ask me what I wanted/expected to be but I could never give them an answer…. Because honestly, I’m still trying to figure that part out.  I like to think that greatness happens gradually, not automatically.  This blog is my outlet, MY happy place.  This blog is a broadcast of my journey with all things life, the good the bad and all the things in-between.

With that being said, my main goal for this blog is to help people reach some sort of “happy place”, if that makes any sense.  Maybe one of you will be able to relate to one of my posts and that in itself will be a major accomplishment for me.  I can only hope that by doing this, I’ll be helping someone and in the process help myself.

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The ramblings of a young adult trying to spread kindness.