Genuine Happiness

What does it mean to be genuinely happy?

Truly, genuinely, earth shattering, happiness.  The kind of happiness that leaves you on a natural high for weeks.  The kind of happiness that when feeling down, you know you can recall on that happiness to get you through.

It seems like everyone my age is so focused on their future careers and making that “breakthrough money”, it surprises me.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great thing that they’re so intent on creating their futures.  In fact, it’s expected: graduate high school,  go to college, (hopefully) graduate college, and last but not least, find that career job that you’ve been working so hard for.  Most follow this course, others however (like me), end up … Lost?

Lost doesn’t exactly seem like the right word but for the moment, it’s all that I can think of.  Anyways, the main point is that, where is the fun?  Where is the happiness?  We’re so pent up on fulfilling our expectations of ourselves, and others of us, that we forget to truly enjoy our life.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from my being lost, it’s that I can truly say I’m happy.  Sure, I’m not doing what I wanted to do when I got out of high school but I am happy.

Happiness means different things for many people.  To some, it might be that stellar career and luxury. But to me, it’s the fact that we can wake up to a new and exciting day.  It’s the fact that there is life all around me, and it is beautiful.

Whatever your definition of happiness is, chase it.  Because lets face it, life’s too good to be focusing on the sad things in life.


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