Pizza Slices and A Whole Buncha’ Thoughts

Yesterday, I reached some newfound clarity.  Have you ever just wondered to yourself, What the hell are you doing to yourself you idiot… Well that’s the thought that came to my mind yesterday. 

What, in the hell, are you doing to yourself Chrissy?

I was reading a book that my mom left stranded on the table next to the box of pepperoni pizza, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.  Now, this book wasn’t just your average self help books where you only think about changing your life; IT ACTUALLY SPOKE TO ME!  Figuratively speaking of course, we all know books can’t talk. 

In this book, there were so many people who experienced some sort of life changing experience because they took to meaning what the book was really trying to get you to see: the truth.  Are you truly happy with your life right now, or are you just another nameless person living life just to live it? 

I’m young, but I’ve got an old soul (or at least I think I do).  Many times, I see people just going through the motions.  At the grocery store.  At the mall.  At the movies.  I even do it.  Not once, had I ever encountered someone so full of life.  So full of heart.  Someone who would smile at you just because!  Most times, wondering the grocery store, people just have a glassy look to them…  Like they’re there, but they aren’t really THERE.  As I said earlier, just going through the motions.  Just living life to live it. 

I figured, hell, I don’t wanna end up like that.  So at around 10pm, I made a decision- I’m going to try to help myself.  I’m going to try to live life.  To truly live life, not just going through the motions.  I’ll keep you guys updated on my progress 🙂

And with that, I leave you with a tiny, but hopefully meaningful message: Don’t just live life to live it. Try to find something great in everything you see. 


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